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– Location of people, goods or households;
– Business and private information;
– Investigation of unfair competition;
– Investigation of fraudulent casualties;
– Patrimonial investigation of debtor entities;
– Collection of elements for eviction actions, double housing, etc .;
– Information for trademark and patent protection;
– Information for counterfeiting processes;
– Obtaining evidence for disciplinary or other proceedings;
– Obtaining evidence of infidelity cases;
– Obtaining evidence of lawsuits;
– Control of minor children;
– Investigation of causes provoking floods, fires, car accidents or others;
– Survey of suitability of future or current employees, partners or managers;
– Guarantee of safe rooms for meetings of senior staff;
– Electronic surveillance of installations;
– Collection of circumstantial evidence for laboratory studies;
– Survey of attachable assets;
– Verification of attempted intrusion into your security system or personal protection as a means of detecting critical problems or incidents;
– Detection of telephone, environmental and other eavesdropping;
– Calligraphic expertise;
– Analysis and reports on authorship of forgery of signatures and manuscripts;
– Analysis to detect counterfeit documents;
– Polygraphic examinations;
– Security consultancy;
– Preliminary and detailed reports.

We are registered with specific laboratories within the various areas of work.

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