RG Detectives – International Private Investigation Services is a private investigation agency that carries out its activity at national and international level.

Its director, Raul Guerreiro, since 1987 has developed his professional activity in the area of ​​security, which allowed him to acquire extensive experience, which together with the training of detective ministered in Spain, allowed the creation of this agency in 1998.

Recognized internationally in the field of private investigation and security, he participatesregularly in various congresses, seminars and conferences of the specialty, in Portugal and abroad. He is a member and delegate, in Portugal, of the most prestigious international organizations in the area of ​​investigation and security.

Since then, the agency has developed its work not only with private clients, but also with multinational companies, law firms, insurance companies, hotel developments, transport companies, supermarkets, banking and other economic sectors.

It belongs to a group of private investigation agencies, with delegations and agents around the world.

Its lemma is to serve the clients with the utmost professionalism, dedication and quality, with the maximum secrecy and honesty.